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Lake of the Woods Fishing Report | Monday, September 2, South end A great week of walleye fishing with many hints of fall. Good numbers of walleyes staged along the south shore in 28′ – 31′. Aug 13,  · Walleyes and northern pike are being caught on Bemidji-area lakes from the deep weed edges in 12 to 14 feet of water and from the sharper drop-offs at midlake bars and humps. The Outdoor News Fishing Report is available now. To receive this early access, simply create a free account below, and you can read the latest fishing reports days earlier than everyone else. Again, the cost is free, all you have to do is register.

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Most of them want to know more about you. Would you like to discover how to reach them? Click here and find out. A satisfied FishingMinnesota member says, " Business has been very good. We're filling the cabins, and also our RV overflow sites, mn fishing report. Some have mentioned your site. Thanks for your help! On geneva. I went back out with a few people today.

And all the big perch are gone Basically vanished. Hopefully I can get the car back soon so I can't put A couple of hours in trying to relocate them Alexandria Minnesota Fishing Reports - Click here for details. Spent 6 hours on Mitchell last night. One crappy. Marked lots of fish most of the time, but they just werent having it, mn fishing report.

Tried crappie minnows, waxies, eurolarva, mn fishing report, shrimp and 3 kinds of Gulp. We were on the North end yesterday and were on fire for overall perch numbers, for two hrs we were catching them fast and furious, mn fishing report, we had to sort a bunch but left the lake with 10 real nice keepers, and put back a lot that some guys would have kept.

The only limiting factors were that we didn't start fishing untiland our bite slowed at about The guys mn fishing report hit it yesterday said that they were measuring approx. The access is opened up and there are some vehicles that are going out of there, although there is no real plowed roads; just a couple folks plowed to their fish houses.

On the mn fishing report of the Duck, Beaver Creek has plowed again this year and our folks have liked his roads. On the north end of the lake, mn fishing report, Dunrovin is plowing mn fishing report year; both of these are a pay access. Blackduck Minnesota Fishing Reports - Click here for details. Deeper has been better. That's also the deepest water in this spot. Been finding them just out from the bottom of the break, near the reeds, in the deeper basin areas.

Brainerd Minnesota Fishing Reports - Click here for details. Went out on Island this past saturday and had a great time. I have been fishing Island pretty hard this winter with little results, so sat. I was out on Cass tonight and there was 19" of ice, i was on the east side of the late though. I was in 25 fow and managed 5 eye. Also i didnt run into any slush on the lake. We were up over New Years, mn fishing report.

There is about a foot of snow on the lakes with very few slush pockets. It would be kind of border line for ATV. Snowmobile would be the preferred route. I ran out of minnows at about am, losing a majority of them to missed fish and the others to poor casts in the dark Crookston Minnesota Fishing Reports - Click here for details.

We were on Bowstring on Friday, one crappie for four people. Tried four differant spots and couldn't mark anything. I saw three other vehicles out there so either very slow or the cold scared people away. Spent last night in the house with the family, even the wife!!!! Watched the game, ate chili, and pounded on crappies. Only sore spot was the Vikings giving away the game and getting stuck in the house until pm when a buddy with a V plow came and saved us, mn fishing report.

I lost count but we caught at least 35 crappies and a nice Prior to this little cold snap I finally found a few walleye willing to mn fishing report in ', mn fishing report. When looking into the stomach contents upon cleaning it appeared that they were eating fatheads, crappie minnows and one had a small crappie in its belly East Central Minnesota Minnesota Fishing Reports - Click here for details. I've fished a bunch of smaller lakes in the area for crappies for the past week and the bite has been as hot as first ice bite.

The fish have been extemely aggressive all day long even on the clearer mn fishing report lakes when ya usually have to get em at low light. Me and a friend fished in the rain Saturday morning. The weather was miserable, but mn fishing report fishing was great.

In an hour we caught about 30 crappies and three sunfish. It was a blast. They weren't huge. The biggest was about They were suspended at 10 feet over 16 foot. Hutchinson Minnesota Fishing Reports - Click here for mn fishing report. We threw everything at em.

We had live shiners and fatheads and noticed no difference in the two It didnt seem to matter the best color was gold it seemed which is pretty norm for LOW Lake of the Woods Minnesota Fishing Reports - Click here for details.

I mn fishing report myself two holes and told myself I was just going to fish in this one spot and if I didn't catch anything, fine, not any skin of my back. Well I set up and sent down my spoon and it just kept going down and down, I asked some fellows near me and they said 55 ft of water, not an ideal mn fishing report for icing some walleyes.

Things were fast and furious for first hour or so, then had to work them. Caught aboutmost of which were in the first two hours. Kept some for the pan, mn fishing report, but threw most back. Was out on Waconia early Sunday morning got to the mn fishing report around am, mn fishing report. Quantity of fish was pretty low, but the quality was better than I typically experience, with a couple crappies a bit over 11" and one gill mn fishing report was just over 9", mn fishing report.

Got back home around am and had fresh fish for lunch. The lake ice is in great shape. You should be able to drive anywhere you like. Just use some common sense and bring a shovel in case you do get yourself stuck. While the sun was out the bite was pretty good. As soon as the sun dipped below the tree line it was over. I missed a couple eyes that shredded my minnows and landed 8 scrappy smallmouth. All caught on jigs and minnows. Water temp at Beautiful afternoon. The river level at Lansing is 7.

The water temperature is 60 degrees. Northern Pike - Fair: Northern pike are being caught in some of the side sloughs using either crankbaits or spinnerbaits. Channel Catfish - Fair: Catfish can be caught using a night crawler on the wing dams. Bluegill - Good: Bluegill fishing has been good around the Blackhawk Lake area. If you can find an area with not much current you'd probably be alright, mn fishing report.

I can think of a couple areas but even around those areas it can be kind of shaky. I used to fish a few areas but the river ice just varys so much. On the river if you fall through its gonna be that much harder to get out with the current. Ended up fishing the south access near "the lodge" I think?

About 1pm I drove a little further out and went inbetween two groupings of houses prolly feet or so from the closest house and found 19' of water We always use jigs for our crappies the best bite we found was 6 am until about 8 am. You will also get a few towards dark. We had two different groups that came on our "Bring your own gear" lodging special this weekend.

What was really neat is how they worked together to produce some big fish. Many mn fishing report caught in the 20's with the biggest being 29". Rainy is a big lake and when people work together great things can happen. People are driving out to Birch Point.

We have great ice and a great winter ahead of us. Warmer than normal early fall weather has made the weather very pleasant for early fall fisherman. Lack of cooling temps has held off the feverish fall bite, yet we can expect it to be on schedule again very soon.

Got out today from and had consistent action all day long, caught between crappies, the smallest being 9" and the biggest being just shy of 14". I was out on rice on sat and still lots of small walleyes and crappies.


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