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Every counseling session is a setting where two lives intersect. The key to successfully work towards a common goal is about showing respect and interest in learning about one another. This essay is based on a counseling session in the form of a dialogue between me and my client. Counseling Session in the Form of a Dialogue. Take a look at my “Statement of Purpose” for the University of San Francisco Masters in Counseling Psychology, concentration in School Counseling, program. This short essay outlines my reasons for pursuing a graduate degree in Counseling Psychology from USF along with my experience and skill set as it relates to the program. Although. In the Army, counseling is an almost daily requirement. Whether it's meant to guide a Soldier's growth, document career milestones, or correct improper behavior, it can be a challenge to find the words to adequately describe a Soldier's performance and potential.

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While counselors may come from different educational backgrounds, such as sociologypsychologyand social workcounseling essay, there is a national-level accreditation exam for counselors: the National Counselor Counseling essay for Licensure and Certification NCE.

While not required in all states, the exam is a requirement for licensing as a counselor in many states and is an absolute requirement for those seeking National Certified Counselor NCC certification. The topics covered on the NCE include both counseling content areas and work behaviors and include the following subgroups: human growth and development ; social and cultural diversity ; helping relationships ; group work ; career development ; assessment ; research and program evaluation ; professional orientation and ethical practice ; fundamental counseling issues; the counseling process ; diagnostic and assessment services ; professional practice ; and professional development, supervision, and consultation.

These are topics that will be covered in every graduate training for counselors. In addition, many of them will be covered in undergraduate programs that may lead to graduate work in counseling, such as psychology or sociology courses.

The topics covered on the NCMHCE include: theories of counseling psychotherapy and personality; counseling and psychotherapy skills; abnormal psychotherapy and psychopathology; human growth and development; group counseling and psychotherapy; career development; professional orientation to counseling; research; testing and appraisal; and social and cultural foundations. Being able to identify and treat dysfunction are critical skills for counselors. For many counselors, the most challenging aspect of counseling coursework is the counseling essay on testing and assessment.

Psychological testing can be a critical component for diagnosis, but understanding testing approaches and assessment tools requires an understanding of statistics and the scientific method, counseling essay. Counselors need to understand: univariate and multivariate research designs; data analysis ; and qualitative and quantitative designs. Aspiring counselors may find it helpful to take statistics coursework in addition to their other core courses.

Counseling Session Counselling Session Counseling Session in the Form of a Dialogue Every counseling process involves exchange of information and shows the clients that the counselor cares about them. The counseling process should include both aspects of emotions and facts. Therefore how the counselor talks and listens is just as important as what he says. The ultimate goal of a counselor is to provide an appropriate solution to the clients and to satisfy them. Every counseling session is a setting where two lives intersect.

The key to successfully work towards a common goal is about showing respect and interest in learning about one another. This essay is based on a counseling session in the form of a dialogue between me and my client. Counseling Session in the Form of a Dialogue Listening is a skill that requires continuous practice. Counseling sessions are based on hearing and understanding the clients.

Professional…… [Read More]. Counseling Terminally Ill Counseling the Terminally Ill orking as a counselor in a medical setting comes inbuilt with a wide array of ethical challenges, practical obstacles and emotional trials, counseling essay.

In this context, counseling essay, it is incumbent upon the counselor to possess certain sensitivities, counseling essay, sensibilities and intuition with respect to the needs of clients. This imperative is counseling essay magnified when this clientele is facing terminal illness. Counseling patients suffering from terminal illness carries its own spectrum of complexities and only counseling essay combination of training, experience and psychological suitability for the job are sufficient to provide one with skills to perform it well, counseling essay.

As the discussion hereafter will show, counseling essay, patients with terminal illness are in a unique disposition within the context counseling essay medical treatment and must therefore be shown a unique form of counsel, counseling essay.

This will be reflected in the values demonstrated and responsibilities assumed by the attending counselor both in this discussion…… [Read More]. Counseling Groups Give Members the. This means that they describe what emotions the activating event made them feel. The principles facilitate being rational because they shift focus from emotions to logic, counseling essay.

The group gets an opportunity to look at the problems they face from a rational perspective, which creates room for possibilities. Thinking rationally helps in creating many alternative solutions, and helps clients make decisions consciously and willingly. It also ensures that individuals in the group are responsible for their actions and this solves the problems that arise from shifting blame, counseling essay.

This technique aims at challenging the logic behind the clients' responses. Another technique is imagination disputation. Each client creates a scenario that would lead to a reaction and emotional consequences. The group members express how they would react in that situation and later discuss the appropriate…… [Read More].

Counseling and the Helping Professions Counseling and. Counseling and the Helping Professions Counseling and related helping professions can be highly valuable for people who are struggling to cope with specific events in their lives Constantine, Some people see counselors individually, and others go as a couple, group, or family.

There are many reasons why people see counselors, depending on the areas of life with which they are having trouble. In order to be an effective counselor and help the largest number counseling essay people, it is very important to find a helping counseling essay or counseling specialty with which a person is comfortable, counseling essay. That will allow that person to provide the most benefit to the largest number of people. Addressed here will be the specialties of several…… [Read More].

Counseling Psychology Describe the mental hygiene movement in Counseling Psychology. Mental hygiene can be considered as a science of preventing disorders and maintaining a mental health at their full mental capability. This involves the precautions that are taken in order to encourage and counseling essay the mental health. It offers therapy for the mentally disturbed, takes preventive measures of the ailment, and also assists in helping the patients cope with this stress.

The community recognizes the relationship between mental health, the population affected by it, and also its effect on the society Pointon, This division on mental health handles people with social problems which include drug addiction, and suicide attempts, counseling essay. Most of the people suffering mental ailments have been neglected by the society.

Others have been mistreated while the rest have been isolated from the society. Treatment and prevention to this condition involves prenatal care, child abuse programs, and also…… [Read More]. Counseling and Personal Values Integrating Learned Theories about Counseling with Your Personal Values As the world has modernized, people have started experiencing more psychological problems and other problems than ever.

Despite the normal behavior that most of the people depict, they are a victim of psychological disturbances which ultimately makes them sick, counseling essay. Therefore counseling was introduces as a means to address various kinds of problem that people find difficult to tackle.

There are many theories of counseling that help us counseling essay with the problems but it is important to know how these theories integrate with our personal values. The impact that these theories have on the personal values of each person counseling essay be different due to the fact that personal values are different for each person.

Introduction Definition of Counseling Ever since counseling has emerged has a professional field, counseling essay, the need for a definition has been increasing. However, counseling essay, it is…… [Read More]. Counseling Immigrants and Refugees - Bring the. Counseling Immigrants and efugees - Bring the World to your Backyard Immigrants add depth to the American cultural landscape, and enhance the character of our already colorful communities.

This is true counseling essay microcosms, counseling essay, such as school campuses. It is therefore critical to address the needs of immigrant populations. Addressing the needs of immigrant populations with specialized counseling services is a good way to minimize mental health problems, address physical health needs, and also provide the means by which to foster healthy community growth and social development, counseling essay.

This proposal for an immigrant-specific counseling program takes into account the differential needs of immigrants based on culture of origin, nation of origin, languages of origin, gender, socio-economic class, and refugee status.

In the United States, and indeed most developed countries, counseling essay, there is a clear and legal…… [Read More]. Counseling Prominent factors influencing group and counseling essay counseling 3 Which approaches to individual and group counseling are best for new group counselors? Successful theoretical approaches vary between individual and counseling essay therapy. Nevertheless, counseling essay, there is overlap in the efficacy of certain approaches.

Although it is true that CBT was originally implemented in an individual setting, there are specific reasons why it is adaptable to a group format, counseling essay. Specifically, CBT endeavors to alter the way in which people distinguish between internal and external reality, changing how one responds to their environment rather than addressing psychological insight Beiling, McCabe, Antony, Additionally, counseling essay, many CBT patients have anxiety disorders, and many patients find the group setting less intimidating than a private dynamic.

CBT is also particularly successful to either individual or group contexts…… [Read More], counseling essay. Counseling What I Have Learned. With patience, couples are less likely to be critical of their partners, and are more likely to understand them and try to be more cordial even in the face of issues.

Using humor helps to diffuse tense situations and can stop a counseling essay before it even begins.

This can help because if an argument is avoided and humor is used to diffuse anger, then it helps to change the course of a situation and steer it in a more positive direction. Giving your partner a "Moment of Grace" is one of the best steps as far as communication because allowing for mistakes shows your partner that you are giving them time counseling essay room to change and counseling essay. Giving your partner time to fix their mistakes allows them to realize their own mistakes and be more conscious of their actions.

This technique of counseling was good to learn about because it…… [Read More]. Worse yet, the economic downturn and the momentum toward cutting government costs at all levels with little regard to what that means suggests that those who have been treated poorly and unfairly in the past will be first in line to shoulder more suffering. And that bodes poorly for the African and black women of the UK who have only recently begun to be recognized as the true victims of serious systematic injustices that are resulting in or making worse a broad range of mental health concerns Center for Mental Health, This reality comes on top of the fact that it has not been until very recently that women and women of color of the UK have even begun being identified as in serious need of help, counseling essay.

Counseling In line with narrative therapy techniques, describe how the counselor externalized Helen's problems. Why is externalization so important in this session? How effective is it with Helen? Externalization is critical to narrative therapy, allowing the client to detach herself from the problem. The counselor externalizes Helen's problems first by ceasing to frame them as problems.

Instead counseling essay counselor frames Helen's problems within the context of her life story, and encourages her to do the same. Problems become counseling essay, which Helen, the hero, is destined to overcome with the help of key allies like the counselor.

One of the most notable ways the counselor externalizes Helen's problems is by personifying her problem as a character in a story: Nagging Dissatisfaction. Nagging Dissatisfaction becomes the antagonist counseling essay Helen, the protagonist. By externalizing Counseling essay Dissatisfaction, Helen can stop identifying with someone who is tormented and start to take action to achieve her…… [Read More]. Counseling Theories Socializing the Client Is an, counseling essay.

Counseling Theories Socializing the client is an important approach in cognitivebehavioral therapy. It is visible in this video session with the manners the doctor is showing. She is showing very good explanatory manners. Introducing herself to the client, counseling essay, she goes on to elaborate what is going to happen and how they are about to take this process.


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In the Army, counseling is an almost daily requirement. Whether it's meant to guide a Soldier's growth, document career milestones, or correct improper behavior, it can be a challenge to find the words to adequately describe a Soldier's performance and potential. Sample Graduate School Admissions Essay 3 (Master’s in Counseling) Life can be so shallow and unrewarding if you are living each day with no plan for the future and little thought toward helping others. Essay The Theory Of Group Counseling. discussions in class, the theories of group counseling, viewing groups through multicultural lens, leadership qualities and functions, co-facilitator and group development stood out for me and broaden my perception into Social Work as a profession.